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HOF Summer 2019 Boat Trip

After nearly 12 challenging months for the hospitality sector and currently in the middle of our third lockdown, we wanted to highlight, praise and celebrate our incredible #HOFfamily for their ongoing efforts.

Being flexible

We have certainly required our staff to be flexible at times over the past year and they have had to adapt very quickly. We had very little warning before the initial lockdown, meaning staff had to work remotely or move into our properties. Fortunately, our internal systems were well prepared and equipped for remote working, and our Operations team were prepared for most eventualities. We thank the #HOFfamily who had to make many personal sacrifices such as relocating to HOF apartments, not seeing family/house mates, rearranging childcare arrangements, or quickly creating home offices.

Dealing with change

The #HOFfamily have dealt with and adapted to change incredibly well. Balancing homeschooling, flexible working, working remotely and much more. And our Operations team having to deal with new levels of PPE and COVID procedures. No challenge that presented itself has been too big for this team. This has all been done whilst looking after the needs of our guests, applying new safety protocols, and answering the many questions relating to guidelines and rules of stays and procedures from guests and interested parties.

New working practices, always complying

We quickly added ‘Track and Trace’ to our locations, allowing our staff and guests to ‘check in’ when staying. The team has again been highly flexible throughout this period. Any signs of symptoms have meant team members self isolating, whilst others have covered for them in their absence. At times this has been challenging, but the determination of the #HOFfamily has ensured we have always been covered.

HOFfamily on a zoom call

Positive energy and comradery via Zoom

House of Fisher is renowned for our in-person, regular team activities. In normal times, our year is filled with summer BBQs, boat trips, evenings at bars/restaurants and superb Christmas parties.

To keep up the motivation, banter and team spirit we have taken to Zoom! During this period we have hosted Zoom birthdays with sing-songs and presents, quizzes, drinks, games and recently, even completed an Escape Room!

Whilst we still seem some way off from normality, we will remain positive and send a big heartfelt thank you to the wonderful #HOFfamily.

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