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The truth is: the natural world is changing. And we are totally dependent on that world. It provides our food, water and air. It is the most precious thing we have, and we need to defend it.
David Attenborough

At House of Fisher, we understand the importance of being a responsible business and are making a commitment to taking proactive steps to ensure we reduce our impact on the environment and our carbon footprint, whilst continuing to educate and provide information where we can.

green planet

We started our sustainability journey early 2022 and are proud to have excelled to another accreditation level since then and are committed to make conscious efforts to make improvements and monthly actions via our selected HOF Green Team, now spearheaded by our Green Champion Cristina Lopez (Operations Manager). We continue to be committed to promote a greener and more sustainable way to operating and living in our serviced apartments and aparthotels.

We will continue to listen to our clients and staff, set clear goals and carry on reviewing our progress. All the information on this will be found on this page along with our news blogs.

Whilst we appreciate there is some way to go to achieve our ambitious green targets, we are taking many positive green steps and are well placed for our green journey ahead.

Step 1

After extensive work on our original accreditation House of Fisher are excited to announce that we have been upgraded to the ECOsmart Certified Plus Accreditation by Greengage again in 2024.

Along with taking measures to embrace environmental sustainability the ECOsmart Certified Plus members also actively engage customers on their sustainability journey and how they make environmental decisions whilst staying in a serviced apartment.

This is an industry standard for accommodation providers, who have been assessed in five key areas:

  • Energy & water conservation
  • Waste management, recycling and plastics
  • Rooms, consumables & facilities management
  • Sustainable food & beverage management
  • Corporate & social responsibility
greengage 2024

Step 2

We are pleased to highlight green steps we are already taking –


100% of our apartments have double glazed windows.


60% of all our apartments use 55% renewable energy and 91% of our apartments only use electricity and not gas.


Our toiletries’ bottles are made from recycled plastic and are fully recyclable. The soap bar is 100% pure vegetable oil and is an environmentally packed product.


Our average energy efficiency EPC rating for all our apartments is C, which is the maximum potential available for these units.


8 out of 9 properties have recycling facilities on site.


At our flagship aparthotel, 100 Kings Road, the lights and AC are controlled by key cards.


LED bulbs are used where possible. All lights in 100 Kings Road, Central House and City Wall House are now a sensor-based LED lighting system.


45% of our properties are on ‘zero to landfill waste’ contracts.


Two of our properties are fitted with solar panels.


We have introduced hybrid working options for office staff.


Property brochures, Guest Welcome Information and Guest Directory have all been moved onto the website, so can be used as paperless.


Most of our properties have sensor lights, dual toilet flushes and timers on boilers for heating / hot water.


In-apartments recycling facilities available at 100 Kings Road, Beneficial House and Central Gate.


Paperless accounting software introduced in 2022


All of our pillows are made from recyclable materials

Step 3

We are committed to improving our green steps further in 2024-

  • Due to the energy crisis we haven’t been able to amend our contracts or increase our renewable contractual energy consumption. We do aim to improve this in the new contracts for 2024.
  • Supply information and education in each apartment to improve guest green behaviour – being rolled out to all locations
  • Staff green awareness training continued and included in induction training
  • Continue to improve our recycling waste amount vs general rubbish
  • Supporting more green and/or local charities
  • Introducing trial of in-apartment reusable tote bags at 100 Kings Road, Reading
  • Participate in council led cardboard, metal and small electric appliance recycling schemes

Step 4

We are not stopping here, the future will include –

  • Actively investigating full installation of roof solar panels on 100 Kings Road, Reading
  • Remove plastic within our welcome amenities where we can
  • Improve use of local suppliers
  • As appliances come to their end of life, we will replace with more eco-friendly appliances
  • Incorporate green initiatives in new developments
  • We will constantly look to improve our behaviour and reduce our impact on the environment. Our Green Team meets monthly to discuss future action points.

Charity work

Charities are close to our heart, and we are proud to contribute, support and give something back to our community.

We have installed ‘Ecosia’ as our search engine on all computers both at House of Fisher and our parent company TA Fisher. We search and Ecosia plants trees from all their search engine advertisement revenue.

‘Ecosia users have planted forests that mitigate climate change, save endangered animals, regenerate depleted soil and improve the livelihoods of local communities.‘

We are also actively donating apartment & office furniture and IT equipment where we can, using various local charities. Read more about our charity work here.

Showing our guests, the green way of living

It’s all about reducing our carbon footprint, so we want to encourage our guests to do the same. Our properties are in great locations with plenty of green things to do and buy, helping to reduce the environmental impact.

We will actively promote a greener way of life within our guest information and via our social media platforms, but here are some great ideas to live more responsibly in our apartments.

green living

Climate Stripes

No words. No numbers. No graphs. Just a series of vertical coloured bars, showing the progressive heating of our planet in a single, striking image.

The climate stripes were created by Professor Ed Hawkins at the University of Reading in 2018.

They show clearly and vividly how global average temperatures have risen over nearly two centuries. House of Fisher support positive sustainable change as a company and creating sector awareness to reduce our environmental impact.

Read more about how House of Fisher supports climate stripes in our blog.

Watch this space, we will continue to update you along our sustainable journey…

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