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Summer 2024 Celebration at House of Fisher

Despite the rainy weather forcing us to relocate from the terrace to the 3-bed penthouse apartment at 100 Kings Road, our summer-themed gathering was a wonderful success. The penthouse provided a cosy and intimate setting for all team members to come together; Maintenance, Housekeeping, Guest Services, Finance, and senior Management joined the festivities.

The vibrant summer theme was brought to life with colourful decorations, creating a cheerful and festive atmosphere (we pretended the weather was reminiscent of summer!). We enjoyed a delightful spread of beers, cider, soft drinks, crisps, chocolates, and pizza – the perfect combination for a relaxed and enjoyable evening.

This gathering was more than just a party; it was an opportunity to celebrate and thank our incredible team for their hard work and dedication. We also took a moment to honour the recipients of last quarter’s length of service awards: Liam and Nimrod for their two years, Kasia for her impressive nine years, and Edd for his outstanding 10 years with House of Fisher. Their commitment and contributions have been invaluable to our success.

We also bid a fond farewell to Alastair, who is leaving us after 7 wonderful years to go travelling and embark on new adventures. As the Guest Services Team Leader, Alastair has made a lasting impact on many of our guests and clients. We wish him all the very best in his future endeavours and thank him for his years of dedicated service.

It was heartwarming to have everyone together in one room, sharing stories, laughter, and good-natured banter. These moments of camaraderie remind us of the strong bond we share as the #HOFfamily and demonstrate why we are finalists for the esteemed Operations Team/Guest Services Team of the Year award at the upcoming global ASAP Awards 2024. Here’s to many more celebrations and successes together!

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