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It’s the Great Big Green Week, and we are thrilled to highlight all the fantastic initiatives we’ve undertaken recently. For more information about this initiative, click here.

This year’s theme, ‘Get inspired by the swaps communities are making every day to help create a better tomorrow,’ resonates deeply with us.

Here’s a glimpse of how the #HOFfamily is contributing to a greener future, highlighting five key activities:

1. Donating Furniture

donating furniture

In line with the Great Big Green Week, we’ve been actively donating furniture to Christian Community Action. This organisation helps those in need by either giving them furniture or generating income through sales to continue their commendable work.

Collaborating with them over the past few weeks has been an absolute pleasure.

2. Plants and Gardens

plants and gardens
plants and gardens

We celebrate plants and gardens, focusing on our swaps to secure a greener future!

We emphasise the swap of indoors with outdoors, encouraging our community to grow their own fruits and vegetables and nurture flowers for insect life.

We invited the #HOFfamily to share their garden photos, and the response was overwhelming.
From vegetable allotments to homegrown fruit, wildflower gardens to stunning flowers and pots, it’s clear a lot of care goes into maintaining these beautiful spaces.

Visit our website to read how we’ve also revamped all the flowers on the terrace at 100 Kings Road in Reading.

3. Swap or Donate

swop or donate

Continuing with the Great Big Green Week theme, we have been collecting donations from our staff and guests to either swap or donate to a local charity. This initiative is all about making swaps to tackle climate change!

The #HOFfamily came together this week for a clear-out, offering to swap or donate items to those in need. The donations were pouring in, and the big swap day is set for a date shortly!

4. Homegrown


Highlighting all things homegrown, we celebrate the swaps we make to ensure a greener future.

Edd from our #HOFfamily has generously shared photos from his allotment. His success has even led him to sell eggs in the office!

Homegrown produce is not only healthy and supportive of a greener future but also helps during a cost-of-living crisis.

5. Community


Wrapping up the Great Big Green Week, we wanted to celebrate community spirit and the Euros!

Before the 2024 Euros kicked off, the #HOFfamily was ready with a sweepstake draw, and the guest lounge was decorated so our guests and staff could enjoy the tournament. It is proving highly popular, with lots of banter and a great community spirit while watching the matches. Undoubtedly, the final on July 14th will prove particularly popular, fostering a community feeling around this exciting event.

If you’re enjoying the games over the next few weeks, consider swapping your sofa for a pub or local event, supporting local businesses and building on that community feeling.

And if possible, swap your mode of transport to something shared, a bike, or even walking! Good luck to all the participating countries and let the office rivalries begin!

Follow the House of Fisher Sustainability Journey

For other green news, please visit the House of Fisher sustainability section of our website and follow our journey.

Ongoing Changes for a Positive Future

We hope you join us in making swaps and positive ongoing changes that contribute to a greener future and celebrate the community spirit that binds us all. Initiatives like the Great Big Green Week are fantastic for highlighting fresh ideas, new thinking, and positive long-term changes. Together, we can make a significant impact!

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