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Shedding Light on Sustainability: House of Fisher's LED Journey

At House of Fisher, we are committed to not only providing exceptional service to our guests but also to making strides in sustainability. In our ongoing efforts to combat rising utility costs and bolster our green initiatives, we’ve embarked on a journey to illuminate our buildings with LED lights.

Through meticulous research and consideration, we’ve selected the best LED options and sensors to enhance both the aesthetic appeal and energy efficiency of our buildings. With the invaluable support of our local suppliers and contractors, and thanks to the dedication of our outstanding HOF Maintenance team, this has been mainly achieved internally, supported by skilled local electricians who have made significant progress in upgrading our lighting infrastructure.

We are delighted to announce that all of our own buildings now boast LED lighting, spanning both apartments and public/corridor areas. This comprehensive upgrade not only reduces our environmental footprint but also contributes to considerable cost savings in the long term, a true ‘win-win’.

Moving forward, we are committed to actively monitoring our energy usage to track our progress and celebrate the positive impact of our sustainability initiatives. During the installation process at our flagship aparthotel, 100 Kings Road, we seized the opportunity to elevate the ambiance of our Guest Lounge and Reception with innovative light effects, adding a touch of style to our spaces.

Our dedicated green team convenes monthly, and we are thrilled to mark another accomplishment on our list of sustainable improvements. This milestone reflects our unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship and sets the stage for future endeavours aimed at creating a greener, more sustainable future. Visit our dedicated sustainability page for further information.

At House of Fisher, sustainability isn’t just a goal—it’s a journey we embark on every day, guided by our passion for service excellence and our commitment to making a positive impact on the world around us. If you would like to stay with an ethical and environmentally aware provider, contact our reservations team on 01189 514151, email or book online. Booking directly is the only way to guarantee the best rates.

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