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As part of our commitment to the continuous training and development of our staff, we are delighted that three additional members of the #HOFfamily will be undertaking NVQ (National Vocational Qualification) qualifications. As a company, we invest heavily in the development of our team and are proud they have embraced the challenge of completing an adult apprenticeship while working full-time, in order to develop their current skillset.

The government-funded apprenticeship programmes are suitable for a range of employees from senior managers to support staff, regardless of age. During the programme, day release is not required as all training is work-based, and once the training is complete, learners will gain an NVQ qualification as well as other apprenticeship components such as personal learning, thinking skills, knowledge of Employment Rights and responsibilities.

Studying towards a Business Administration Level 3 NVQ is our Senior Reservations Executive Edd Ransom-Coventry, Reservations Executive Stephanie Curivan and Guest Services Co-ordinator Craig Priest.

Senior Reservations Executive Edd Ransom-Coventry is Studying towards a Business Administration Level 3 NVQ

All three employees are enjoying their studies and applying the additional knowledge they are receiving through their training into their daily roles. Senior Reservations Executive Edd Ransom-Coventry says “I am very excited to be taking on the NVQ Level 3, it will help me to learn about new things within my current role as Senior Reservations Executive. I have done NVQ’s in the past within Hotels, so very excited to be taking on a more Admin based course. I do like the fact that House of Fisher have seen the potential in me and have put me forward for this particular NVQ. I look forward to the exciting year ahead and completing the NVQ!”

The programme is a mix of self-study with written questions, observations and witness testimonials from their Managers. Day to day work can be used as evidence towards the capabilities of the employee.

Reservations Executive, Stephanie Curivan is Studying towards a Business Administration Level 3 NVQ

Our jubilant Reservations Executive, Stephanie Curivan added “This will be an interesting venture and I am very excited to be learning again, whilst I am in a stable working environment with the support from House of Fisher. It is great that they have seen the potential in me and have put me forward for this course. I look forward to developing my current skills and gaining new ones, and this will help me progress in my career within House of Fisher. I know this could be challenging but I know I will have the support from my mentor at Key Training and my House of Fisher team – I look forward to completing the course!”

Employee development and career opportunities are an important part of the House of Fisher culture. Through our team investment, many of the #HOFfamily have learnt new skills, improved their performance and been rewarded with internal promotions. In October 2017 we started a 4 module leadership development programme, involving the entire management team.

We enjoy supporting our employees with their apprenticeship programmes and wish Edd, Stephanie and Craig every success with their NVQ qualifications. We also look forward to enjoying the results of their developed skills and knowledge, which we know will benefit House of Fisher, the employees and our fantastic guests.

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