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House of Fisher is excited to commence a leadership development programme from October 2017. As a company, we are keen to invest and develop our employees, providing them with the training and support they require to achieve the highest levels of success within their role. Throughout 2017 we have already supported five of the #HOFfamily with studies to gain NVQ qualifications.

For our leadership programme, we have enlisted the support of the experts from the award-winning ‘Apex Training and Development’ team, who are delivering a 4 module programme to the House of Fisher Management team. The modules will be a blend of written assignments and practical workshops focusing on the core areas of Leadership, Performance and Relationships. Benefits of this programme include:

  • Focus on achieving the task, building your team and developing individuals
  • Adopt five critical leadership actions
  • Develop an effective team
  • Flex your leadership approach to motivate individuals
Ideas Flowing at House of Fisher Leadership Training

The ‘Building Leadership Capability’ training will take place over an 8 month period, allowing us to fully embrace each module and practically apply what we have learnt into our day to day work and our teams. Whilst the programme will be delivered to our management team it is clear to see the benefits will extend far further to other members of staff and our extensive customer base.

“We are excited to be supporting House of Fisher with this development programme; the impact of which should be felt throughout the business over the coming year. By partnering with Apex to implement this programme, House of Fisher is demonstrating a commitment to investing in its people to drive continued growth – something the leading companies in every sector all do. We are looking forward to working with the participants and supporting the next phase of their development journey” – Jason Hingley, Director, Apex

Busy Table at House of Fisher Leadership Training

As a proactive employer who invests time and resources into staff development, House of Fisher is already reaping the benefits with a low employee turnover rate. In addition, we reward hard work and loyalty from employees, with many internal promotions over the past year. With a new office, regular charity support activities, a motivational team bonus structure and lots of fun activities each month, House of Fisher has developed a fantastic reputation as a great employer! Please do follow our Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn pages to see our latest activities and visit our careers page if you are interested in joining the #HOFFamily!

There is an added buzz and excitement from those involved, even after having received the initial preparation work! The management team cannot wait to start and apply what we learn for the benefit of our team and customers.

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