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House of Fisher are proud of our #HOFfamily managers for completing their leadership training programme, that commenced on October 2017. An awards ceremony was held to congratulate everyone on their excellent final results and hard work throughout the whole process. We are thankful for ‘Apex Training and Development’, who have facilitated this, delivering a tailored four module leadership training programme – Focus on Leadership, Focus on Performance, Focus on Relationships and Focus on Effectiveness.

House of Fisher Leadership Awards Ceremony

The results

The awards ceremony was combined with House of Fisher’s monthly department meeting, with certificates and trophies being handed out by our supportive Managing Director, Trine Oestergaard Stafford.

In total, the incredible #HOFfamily managers achieved:

  • 18x Distinctions
  • 15x Merits
  • 1x Pass

With special congratulations to our high performers Edd Ransom-Coventry and Aneal Sadiq for receiving distinctions in all four courses!

House of Fisher Leadership Training Trophies

We have seen that the leadership training programme has produced fantastic outcomes, ideas and solutions throughout all of our departments. Our managers have learnt new skill sets, challenged their teams to take on new changes and implemented efficiencies, all benefiting their development but also as part of House of Fisher’s future strategy.

House of Fisher believes staff development is one of the most important factors in our business, helping them achieve their full potential and increase their overall performance, which adds to our staff retention. That is why we provide a variety of training programmes and will continue to do so in order to motivate and challenge the team.

House of Fisher Leadership Training Certification

The performance of the House of Fisher team is outstanding and something that we are extremely proud of. It demonstrates the commitment the #HOFfamily goes through every day, to ensure they provide outstanding service to our customers but also to become a successful manager of their teams.

Well done to everyone who participated in the leadership training programme, keep up the fantastic work!

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