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We are delighted to have been awarded the ‘Compliance Assured Provider GBR Status’ from ISAAP, a status we secured following the independent assessments conducted in September 2019. These highly respected ISAAP awards are newly formed and superseded the previous ASAP Accreditation awards of 2018, a programme which included the quality accreditation programme which we had passed for the last six years.

The awards are a reflection of the team’s hard work and demonstrate why guests can stay with confidence when booking with House of Fisher.


This Compliance Validation Award confirms that we have achieved the necessary level of compliance in the following 7 key areas of focus:

  1. Health & Safety Management: House of Fisher operates in ways which deliver compliance with Health and Safety regulations, thus protecting employees and guests.
  2. Fire Risk Management: House of Fisher’s guests stay in buildings which are fully risk-assessed and meet all fire safety requirements.
  3. Insurance: House of Fisher have appropriate insurance cover for Public and Employer Liability.
  4. Security: House of Fisher provide accommodation in buildings which are secure and safe. Our general data is managed securely and in compliance with GDPR regulations.
  5. Migrant Workers: House of Fisher’s recruitment and vetting procedures are effective and compliant.
  6. Illegal & Antisocial Behaviour: House of Fisher does everything possible to minimise the opportunity for breaches of the peace and of the law by guests.
  7. Discrimination: House of Fisher demonstrates compliance with relevant legislation and protection against unfounded allegations.

Additionally, as a ReviewPro subscriber, our guest feedback is assessed to ensure we meet the required levels of quality and comfort.

Our Serviced Apartments and Aparthotels all feature on the dedicated ‘stay with confidence‘ ASAP website, recognition of the high standards we achieve. House of Fisher is pleased to be an active ASAP member and take the quality of our services, apartments and compliance very seriously, in order to ensure the safety and best stay possible for our guests; in essence, we provide that extra confidence for the corporate bookers and alike.

Click here to view our range of 200 serviced apartments in the Thames Valley, knowing that you can stay with confidence when booking with House of Fisher.

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