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House of Fisher Awarded ISAAP Accredited Provider GBR with 2021 Infection Control

Once again, we are extremely proud to have achieved the highly regarded ISAAP ‘compliance assured’ accreditation, making 2021 the eighth consecutive year we have been awarded this accreditation with ISAAP and ASAP (ISAAP superseded ASAP accreditations).

Our ISAAP Compliance Accreditation confirms:

  • We have been rigorously assessed to meet the required regulatory health & safety criteria
  • We comply with all the key legal and statutory requirements
  • We are marketing all our properties accurately
  • We adhere to industry best practice

Our guests can book and stay with confidence, knowing they are booking with a company that holds ISAAP Compliance Accredited Provider status and that we have met the minimum standard of ISAAP requirements, giving assurance to our clients that the required standards of safety, security and duty of care have been demonstrated.

We are proud to display the ISAAP marque, confirming we have gained Compliance Accredited status from ISAAP, the leading global provider of quality assessment, reporting  and recognition awards for the serviced accommodation, corporate housing and executive suites sector of the hospitality industry.

What is the ISAAP Quality Accreditation Programme?

The Quality Accreditation Programme is the leading global quality assessment, reporting, recognition, and accreditation system for the serviced accommodation, corporate housing, and executive suites sectors of the hospitality industry. ISAAP Accreditation covers 25 countries, over 200 cities and over 100,000 apartments.

What does ISAAP Compliance entail?

The ASAP (Association of Serviced Apartment Providers) states: A Compliance Assured Provider with Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) is one that has demonstrated that they, as a company, satisfy the established criteria of safety, security, and duty of care, with a proven culture of proactive due diligence. And in achieving the IPC have confirmed their conformance to recommended standards of enhanced sanitization and hygiene in response to the threat of a pandemic virus, such as Covid-19, which was demonstrated via an extended evidential documentation verification process.  This recognition award is renewable annually.

What are the areas of focus of ISAAP Compliance?

This accreditation recognition award confirms that we have achieved the necessary level of compliance in the following seven key areas;

  1. Health & Safety Management: House of Fisher operates in ways which comply with health and safety regulations, protecting our employees, and our guests.
  2. Fire Risk Management: House of Fisher’s guests stay in buildings which are fully risk-assessed and meet all fire safety requirements.
  3. Insurance: House of Fisher have appropriate insurance cover for Public and Employer’s Liability.
  4. Security: House of Fisher provides accommodation in buildings which are secure and safe. Our general data is managed securely and in compliance with GDPR regulations.
  5. Migrant Workers: House of Fisher’s recruitment and vetting procedures are effective and compliant.
  6. Illegal & Antisocial Behaviour: House of Fisher does everything possible to minimise the risk of breaches of peace, and the law, by guests.
  7. Discrimination: House of Fisher demonstrate compliance with relevant legislation, and protection against unfounded allegations.

Our latest accreditation is yet another reason why our guests can stay with confidence at House of Fisher. With 24/7 Guest Service support from our award-winning team, and typically 30% more space than a standard hotel room, House of Fisher is the leading owner-operator of aparthotels and serviced apartments in the Thames Valley. You can view our extensive range of locations here.

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