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It wasn’t very long ago that apartments would not even be considered when travelling, with business people looking no further than a hotel room when booking. Fast-forward to 2018 and the discerning business traveller has a wealth of options available to them … no longer is a restricted and often dark bedroom, with two complimentary biscuits, tea bags, coffee/sugar sachets and a kettle the only choice and will certainly not be their first one! So why have many business travellers made the switch and moved across to serviced apartments in Reading?

Size and options

A serviced apartment can range from a simple studio to a vast apartment with multiple bedrooms and rooms, depending on the requirements of the traveller. With a studio being approximately 30% larger than an average hotel room, the extra space to move and breathe is always welcomed by travellers! With several bedroom options a business traveller has the option to relocate and be joined by their family during the trip or even sharing with a colleague, often providing huge cost saving benefits. The additional storage within these apartments suits the longer stays, perfect for clothing, suitcases and bulky items that the business traveller takes with them.


Serviced apartments will usually feature fully furnished kitchens and facilities. With cooking becoming such a popular activity, having the ability to cook within your apartment and healthily is now an important part of a business stay, along with significant cost savings associated with this. The novelty of eating out soon wears off for the business traveller and having the option of cooking within their apartment is key. With a dedicated dining area to enjoy by themselves or with friends/family this far outweighs the hotel alternative of a pot noodle, perched on the end of a bed!

Longer stays

Reading is central to the Thames Valley area in the United Kingdom, a thriving business environment and the technology core for the country. Within the Thames Valley was the UK’s first 5G test area and outside of London it is one of the busiest and fastest growing communities for business. With a worldwide audience of companies within the Reading area and many key, long-term projects constantly underway, the length of average business stays is far longer. As such business travellers near Reading will search out a true ‘home from home’ experience, something a Reading serviced apartment can provide.

VAT Savings

For UK stays over 28 days, the level of VAT reduces from 20% to just 4%, providing a significant cost saving.

Fully Regulated and Privacy

Any worthwhile serviced apartment provider will be fully compliant with legal and Health & Safety requirements. Both for the business traveller and their company this is extremely important and makes using legitimate serviced apartment providers far more attractive than unregulated alternatives. Serviced apartment buildings or properties are usually far smaller than large hotels, providing the business traveller with the privacy they often desire over a long period.

24/7 Support

A major benefit of a hotel has always been the onsite staff, ready to help at reception. Now serviced apartments even provide this facility, whether onsite reception staff within Aparthotels or over the phone, many serviced apartment providers will be on the other end of the phone 24-hours a day to help and support guests, which provides major peace of mind for business travellers.

We have seen some huge changes over the 21st century in technology and consumer trends. The shift for business travellers to use serviced apartments certainly isn’t unique to Reading or even the UK and with all of these benefits we are confident it is here to stay!

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