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In what has become an annual tradition for the House of Fisher team (#HOFfamily) we embarked on an exciting Easter Egg Hunt on Tuesday 11th April. The rules of the challenge were simple…150 small chocolates eggs were strategically hidden throughout the new offices by Revenue Manager Suz Hatherly and Reservations Supervisor Emily Cousins. All players were given small bags to collect the eggs, with the highest three collectors winning impressive, large chocolate Easter Eggs as prizes!

With the 150 eggs in place, the #HOFfamily were then unleashed from board room to begin the hunt! Drawers were opened, office chairs lifted and pen holders emptied as the frantic chocolate search commenced! The new office was filled with laughter and smiles as all departments were involved along with James from Fruitful Marketing, our outsourced Marketing Agency.

Once all 150 eggs were found (okay one got away so 149!) the hunt concluded, bags were emptied and a final count took place. The results were as follows:

Joint 3rd Place with 17 eggs each – Reservations Executive Stephanie Curivan and Senior Reservations Executive Edd Ransom-Coventry

House of Fisher's Edd and Steph in joint 3rd place

2nd Place with 18 eggs – Head of Business Development, Aneal Sadiq

House of Fisher's Aneal in 2nd place

1st Place with 22 eggs – Management Accountant Tiffany Atherstone

Congratulations to Tiffany on winning the Luxury Lindt, Lindor chocolate Easter Egg and we thank Suz and Emily for all their efforts in organising such a fun Easter Egg Hunt. The #HOFfamily are already in training and looking forward to the House of Fisher Easter Egg Hunt 2018!

So what happened to the 150th small chocolate egg?…It was eventually found and rescued the following day, when a chair was removed from under the table in the new kitchen…and then eaten!!!

House of Fisher 150th Easter Egg!
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