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House of Fisher Team Cats

At House of Fisher we are huge animal lovers. For International Cat Day we realised that many of the team have furry companions and we decided to highlight all of them. No doubt you will be feline good after paws-ing to view some of the gorgeous pictures!

Lady Penelope is a real diva that runs the home and Flossie loves being in the bath (unless there is any water in it!). Dominating the outdoor space is Star, who loves nothing more than delicately walking across fence tops or sitting on benches for a stroke and cuddling with humans! From these six lovely felines, you can probably tell the HOF team is full of cat purrsons… but that isn’t all, meet five more below:

We hope you enjoyed meeting the Fabulous Flossie, Lovely Lucy, Beautiful Bella, Super Star, Beguiling Bruce, Purrfect Patches, Elegant Elgin, Charismatic Cookie, Precious Lady Penelope, Jazzy Jacob and the Sensational Saffy.

Other than our legendary goldfish Jose, who is very cautious of these cats, many of the HOF team are best furfriends furever!

If you would like to share pictures of your feline friends, we would love to see them. Why not share on social media and tag us in?

We are pleased to welcome pets at House of Fisher’s Bracknell property Beneficial House.

Please review our pet policy for full details.

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