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House of Fisher is excited to be working with ETA Consultancy Services and is now offering our own in-house English classes and other hospitality related courses, all provided by ETA Consultancy Services.

ETA Consultancy is an education consultancy business that offers support and guidance to employers through their free training needs analysis. This helps them understand the potential staff training opportunities that businesses could be taking advantage of.

ETA Consultancy Services

ETA offer an array of government-funded courses including English and other hospitality-related courses to help maximise employees’ skills and qualifications. It is fantastic how tailored their approach is, ensuring they are helping employees achieve their full potential. Many companies, such as House of Fisher, have found that staff are becoming more committed; with higher levels of skills have a better opportunity to progress within the company and show higher morale and increased motivation.

We feel it’s important to make our staff feel valued which then creates a better company culture. It also enforces our standpoint and reputation as an employee focused business where culture and retention is our main priority.

At House of Fisher, we take pride in providing employees with frequent training in order for them to continuously develop new skills and build their confidence. Among the courses, the English classes have been of huge benefit to the House of Fisher team and we are already seeing a huge amount of progress. It is important to us that everyone feels invested in and enjoys working at House of Fisher, as well as being able to communicate with customers in the most efficient, effective way possible.

In-house English lessons

It is great having access to such amazing courses and we feel is something all businesses should consider for their employees. We are extremely grateful for the help from ETA Consultancy who have supported us throughout.

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