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Sustainability toiletries

At House of Fisher, we’re constantly striving to enhance our guests’ experiences while making conscious choices for the environment. As part of our ongoing commitment to sustainability, we are excited to introduce new initiatives and further updates that have been making waves in our serviced apartments. Let’s dive in and explore what’s new at House of Fisher…

1. Greener Toiletries for a Refreshing Stay

We believe that a stay with us should not only be comfortable but also eco-friendly. That’s why we’ve taken a significant step by introducing our new range of greener toiletries. These environmentally conscious products are manufactured using recycled plastic and are fully recyclable, so you can enjoy your stay without worrying about environmental impact.

Our toiletries feature a refreshing green tea fragrance that adds a touch of natural delight to your daily routine. The soaps are made with 100% pure vegetable oil, ensuring they’re gentle on your skin and also kind to the planet. You can rest easy knowing that our toiletries contain no paraben, no CDEA, undergo no animal testing, and have no artificial colours. These environmentally friendly amenities have been rolled out across all our locations since the summer, ensuring that your stay with us is as sustainable as it is comfortable and enjoyable.

2. A New ‘Community Board’ at 100 Kings Road

We understand that when you visit a new town, you might want to explore the local gems it has to offer. That’s why we’ve introduced a brand new ‘community board’ at the reception area of our 100 Kings Road location. This board is your gateway to discovering the best of Reading…

  • Maps of Reading: Get a lay of the land and make your way around the Reading with ease.
  • Local Events: Stay updated on the latest happenings in Reading, from cultural events to exhibitions and more.
  • Highlighting Local Sights/Attractions: Find out about the must-visit places in the city to make the most of your stay.
  • Highlighting Local Restaurants: Discover the finest dining spots that will tantalise your taste buds. We’ve also compiled a list of our favourite restaurants in a blog; you can check it out here.

This new addition will help you explore Reading like a local, making your stay less stressful and more fulfilling. We will continue to add to the board as we go along, hoping to add donation schemes, discounts and other offers.

3. Apartment Recycling Facilities Are Expanding

We are pleased to announce that apartment recycling facilities are now available at Beneficial House, Central House, and Central Gate. We believe in the importance of responsible waste management and have expanded our facilities to make recycling more convenient for our guests.

4. Energy-Efficient Lighting

We’re proud to announce that all lights at City Wall House and Central House have been upgraded to energy-efficient LED lights. This upgrade not only enhances the lighting quality but also significantly reduces our energy consumption.

We are also in the process of replacing all the communal area lights at 100 Kings Road with LED lights and sensors. This further ensures that we are using energy wisely and contributing to a greener future.

5. Active Participation in Reading BID Recycling Schemes

As part of our commitment to sustainability, we actively participate in the Reading BID recycling schemes. This includes weekly cardboard recycling and monthly small electric appliance recycling. By taking part in these initiatives, we aim to minimise our environmental impact and play our part in creating a cleaner, greener Reading.

6. The Green Team Initiative

Sustainability is a journey, and we are continuously looking for new ideas and opportunities to make a positive impact. That’s why we hold monthly Green Team meetings where we discuss innovative ideas, charity events, and other initiatives aimed at creating a more sustainable future. We believe in being responsible corporate citizens. We encourage our team members to contribute to our green initiatives.

At House of Fisher, we’re dedicated to providing our guests with exceptional service and a comfortable stay, all while minimising our environmental footprint. With these new additions and ongoing efforts, we aim to make every stay at our serviced apartments a step toward a greener and more sustainable future.

Join us in our commitment to a greener tomorrow – one stay at a time!