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At House of Fisher, we are passionate about providing training opportunities to all of our #HOFfamily team and are huge believers that throughout life everyone is constantly learning. We support and actively encourage all of our team to train beyond their roles in order to be their ‘best self’ and achieve their full potential. We have been running a range of fully-funded training initiatives for our team and are proud of the incredible results we are seeing.

English Speaking Classes

House of Fisher class

Many of our wonderful housekeeping team do not speak English as their first language. This does not impact on their performance; however, through ReviewPro reviews, we ask all of our guests for regular feedback and the housekeeping team excel for the quality of their work, courtesy and attitude.

With many of the team seeking to learn and improve their speaking and understanding of the English language but find it expensive to fund privately, House of Fisher has been able to offer our team the course – ‘ESOL Entry 1 speaking and listening’ – and tutor time fully funded.

House of Fisher team celebrating passing exam

The results and genuine appreciation have been incredible! Eight of the team successfully passed their end of course exam first time, with two more requiring extra support before resitting soon, which we are happy to assist with.

Housekeeping Manager Emma Fulop has seen positive results from her team, commenting “The course encouraged the team to start communicating in English with other departments and guests. It gave them the confidence to report more issues to the office and to feel more valued.”

NVQ Courses

Edd and Steph from House of Fisher NVQ pass

NVQ courses are renowned and highly recognised qualifications throughout the UK and House of Fisher have been pleased to support many NVQ qualifications for our team for many years. In 2019, we are delighted to confirm four key members of the #HOFfamily have successfully completed their qualifications:

  • Stephanie, Senior Reservations & Social Media Executive – Advanced Level Apprenticeship in Business Administration Diploma Level 3
  • Edd, Reservations Team Leader – Advanced Level Apprenticeship in Business Administration Diploma Level 3
  • Craig, Guest Services Team Leader – Advanced Level Apprenticeship in Business Administration Diploma Level 3
  • Barbora, Housekeeping Administrator – Level 2 Team leading
House of Fisher Guest Services Team

Our Guest Services Team Leader Craig shares what the investment from House of Fisher has meant to him “The opportunity that House of Fisher gave me to take the Advanced Level Apprenticeship in Business Administration Diploma Level 3 course has benefited myself greatly with my progression within the company, having recently taken on the promotion of Guest Services Manager. Personally, it has helped me go from Guest Services Team Leader to where I am now with the right tools, knowledge & understanding to tackle a variety of obstacles that I most probably would not have been as well informed of yet, at this stage of my development. For anyone who is looking to progress and learn more I would encourage to partake in either the same or similar a course, as I have done with Alastair, the Senior Coordinator in my team who will be starting a level 3 team leadership course in October.”

Following Craig’s advice, we are delighted to confirm Alastair, Senior Guest Services Co-ordinator, will be starting his NVQ in Team leadership level 3 this month, becoming the latest member of the team to benefit from House of Fisher’s investment in training.

If you would like to join a forward-thinking company that puts it’s employees first through training and investment, please click here to view our careers page.

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