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We are strong believers in equality and as an organisation we are privileged to have a mix of genders, races and religions amongst our diverse team. At House of Fisher we are proud to have a fantastic team, where a large proportion is made up of industry-leading females developing the business in a range of innovative and successful ways.

With company leadership still being unbalanced in terms of gender (women compromising only 19% of senior business roles in the UK in 2017), it is perceived that gender diversity, particularly in executive roles, is essential to the success of a company. It seems that companies see the lack of women in leadership as an issue, but what is really being done to change this?

In a report carried out by Morgan Stanley’s Sustainable + Responsible Investment (SRI) and Global Quantitative Research teams, they concluded from the data collated that more gender diversity in corporate settings, can translate to:

  • increased productivity
  • greater innovation
  • better decision making
  • higher employee retention and satisfaction.

There are specific leadership behaviours, being more frequently applied by women than by men in management positions, that have been shown to enhance company performance and are key factors in meeting upcoming corporate challenges. These consist of behaviours, such as people development, participative decision making and inspiration. For reasons such as these, it is emphasised how female leadership roles will truly benefit the performance of companies.

Female Leadership at House of Fisher

Our team is full of hardworking, dedicated women who contribute hugely to the success of our organisation. They are inspirational and motivating to us all at House of Fisher and we feel extremely lucky to have such excellent individuals working with us. Whilst we recognise the efforts of all of the wonderful #HOFfamily, in this article we would like to highlight and recognise the fantastic women throughout our team, leading us to current and future success.

Meet the team:

Trine Oestergaard – Managing Director

Cristina Lopez Gomez – Operations Manager

Emma Fulop – Housekeeping Manager

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