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Easter Egg Hunt 2018 at House of Fisher

The annual tradition of the Easter Egg hunt returned to the Theale Head offices and our flagship 100 Kings Road Aparthotel this week! The rules of the challenge were simple and remain unchanged from our successful formula of years pasts…150 small chocolates eggs were strategically hidden before the team were unleashed to collect the eggs within their individual bags. The highest three collectors would win impressive, large chocolate Easter Eggs as prizes, just in time for the Easter holidays!

Round 1 – 100 Kings Road, Reading, Wednesday 28th March

With the 150 eggs carefully hidden, the #HOFfamily were unleashed from our Aparthotel’s reception to begin the hunt and quest for the most eggs! Our guest lounge was completely overturned as every item was moved in search of every last chocolate egg! With all 150 eggs accounted for the hunt concluded, bags were emptied and a final count took place. The three winners were announced as…(drumroll please!)…

  • 3rd place – Ionutz
  • 2nd place – Madalin
  • 1st place – Anna
100 Kings Road House of Fisher 2018 Easter Egg Hunt

Round 2 – House of Fisher Headquarters, Theale, Thursday 29th March

Following the same successful format from the previous day, 150 eggs had been strategically placed throughout the offices. The #HOFfamily began their quest bursting out of the board room to move chairs, open cabinets and lift anything they physically could to search for those chocolate gems! With all the small chocolaty goodies collected the Easter egg hunt concluded, bags were emptied and the final count took place. The three winners were announced as…(drumroll again please!)…

  • 3rd place – Edd
  • 2nd place – Aneal
  • 1st place – Tiffany
Theale Court House of Fisher Easter Egg Hunt

As the winners were called out, there was a distinct feeling of deja vu throughout the office…like a scene from Groundhog everyone soon realised it was the same winners and even placements as in 2017! (as proof read our news story from last year: House of Fisher Easter Egg hunt 2018)

With a year before our next Easter Egg Hunt, we have plenty of time to consider ways to stop the same Theale winners sweeping up again…time delays, clown shoes, removal of their shoes and placement of pins on the floor, cages…we have plenty of time to firm up final details!

In all seriousness congratulations to all the six winners of the House of Fisher 2018 Easter Egg hunt, along with all participants who still received a chocolate fix at the end! House of Fisher would like to wish our wonderful guests, fantastic team, strategic partners and everyone else a fabulous Easter Weekend and break.

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