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5G has arrived in the UK and Reading, Berkshire is one of the first places where it will go live.

What is 5G?

5G is the next-generation mobile phone network, superseding 4G and 4G+

What does 5G mean?

5G promises much higher connection speeds, lower latency (response times) and to be more reliable than the creaking 4G networks we have now.

“5G is like getting a seat on a packed train, or a lane of the motorway all to yourself,” said EE’s CEO, Marc Allera.

5G Laptop

Is it just 4G/4G+ but with quicker download speed?

It certainly will be much faster, with download speeds being five to ten times quicker than 4G at initial launch but with speeds improving further over time. To illustrate the speed increase – it will enable and download an entire movie within seconds.

Beyond convenience and leisure benefits there are significant technological and business opportunities as well. A key benefit of 5G, once established, will be constant connectivity and its strong performance in high-density areas. Inside sports stadiums, 5G will be able to cope with 80,000+ fans connecting on the signal, live streaming, browsing, etc without reduced performance, something that 4G certainly cannot do. Likewise, those living or travelling in dense urban areas will no doubt currently be experiencing reliability issues with 4G/4G+, again combated by the enhanced 5G network.

Augmented Reality

What does the 5G world look like?

Technological firms across the world are developing products, applications and services based around the 5G network and the capabilities it enables. The United Kingdom is one of the world leaders in this, with the government investing significantly into this developing technology, and providing significant support in terms of research and development tax credits.

A key stage enabled by 5G is the ability to achieve constant connectivity, although we are a few years away from achieving this. This will spark the ‘Digital Revolution’, being ‘the internet of all things’. The implications will be that all devices will start to become smart and effectively talk to each other. Predicted outcomes include self-driving transport, augmented reality, increased automation of mundane or repetitive tasks, the ability to transmit touch thus enabling remote surgery (doctors can perform operations from another country using robotics!) and incredible new opportunities for people, such as amputees.

Samsung S10 5G mobile phone

What does 5G mean for Reading?

Reading, Berkshire has been selected as one of the first locations in the UK to receive 5G in 2019. Reading is a technology hub that has been referred to as the ‘UK’s Silicon Valley’ for many years, making it a logical town for the initial 5G rollout. Reading boasts:

  • Second highest concentration of SMEs in the UK (after London)
  • Forecast to be the fastest growing UK city until 2019
  • Voted UK’s best place to live and work in 2016
  • More than 200 direct trains to London taking just 24 minutes

In 2019, 5G will be provided in Reading by Vodafone (one of just 22 locations) and Three (one of just 24 locations) with other 5G providers likely to follow suit soon.

House of Fisher 100 Kings Road

House of Fisher is Invested in Reading

House of Fisher, the industry leader within the Thames Valley, is proud of our Reading roots. Our head office is based in Theale, Reading and we operate close to 100 serviced apartments across Reading, including our flagship 100 Kings Road, Aparthotel. We are excited to operate so strongly within the ‘UK’s Silicon Valley’ and look forward to the exciting future ahead for Reading and the UK with the 5G rollout.

If you have an accommodation requirement in the Thames Valley, click here to view our range of Serviced Apartments and Aparthotels or call our award winning team on 01189 51 41 51.

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