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In May 2019, 5G arrived in the UK, and Reading, Berkshire, stood out as one of the pioneers in adopting this cutting-edge technology.

Fast forward to 2023 and Reading has achieved the second-fastest average 5G speed (Mbps) in the UK behind only Birmingham, ahead and faster than London, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Liverpool, Manchester and many more key locations across the UK (source: Financial Times).

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, let’s explore the transformative power of 5G and the remarkable success story it has become for Reading and its residents.

What is 5G?

5G is the next-generation mobile phone network, superseding 4G and 4G+. It promises much higher connection speeds, lower latency (response times), and enhanced reliability compared to the existing 4G networks.

“5G is like getting a seat on a packed train, or a lane of the motorway all to yourself” said EE’s CEO, Marc Allera.

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Reading Leads in 5G Speed

According to the Financial Times, Reading has achieved the second-fastest average 5G speed (Mbps) in the UK.

With an impressive speed of 156 Mbps, Reading is just behind Birmingham in terms of speed. Furthermore, Reading’s 5G speeds are approximately 20% faster than those in London and Bristol, according to OpenSignal.

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Is it just 4G/4G+ but with quicker download speed?

Certainly not. 5G is not just about faster download speeds, though it will be significantly faster with initial download speeds being five to ten times quicker than 4G. To put this into perspective, it will enable you to download an entire movie within seconds.

But beyond the convenience and leisure benefits, 5G brings significant technological and business opportunities. A key advantage of 5G is its ability to maintain strong performance in high-density areas. For example, inside sports stadiums, 5G can handle 80,000+ fans connecting to the network, live streaming, browsing, and more without reduced performance – something that 4G struggles to achieve. Similarly, those living or travelling in dense urban areas will experience improved reliability compared to 4G/4G+.

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The Powerful Impact of 5G

Around the world, technological firms are developing products, applications, and services based on the capabilities of the 5G network. The United Kingdom is at the forefront of this innovation, with significant government investments and support for research and development in this field.

One key stage enabled by 5G is constant connectivity, although we are a few years away from achieving this. This will usher in the ‘Digital Revolution,’ often referred to as ‘the internet of all things.’ The implications are profound, with all devices becoming smart and effectively communicating with each other. Predicted outcomes include self-driving transport, augmented reality, increased automation of mundane tasks, the ability to transmit touch, enabling remote surgery, and countless new opportunities for people.


Reading: Among the First in the UK to Get 5G in 2019

Reading, Berkshire, was selected as one of the first locations in the UK to receive 5G in 2019. Known as the ‘UK’s Silicon Valley,’ Reading was a natural choice for the initial 5G rollout. It boasts:

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House of Fisher is Invested in Reading

At House of Fisher, we take great pride in our deep roots within the community of Reading. Our head office is nestled in Theale, Reading, and we proudly manage nearly 100 serviced apartments across the town, including our esteemed flagship location, 100 Kings Road Aparthotel.

As an integral part of Reading’s thriving tech ecosystem, we’ve been enthusiastic about the boundless opportunities that have unfolded since the 5G rollout in 2019, both in Reading and across the UK.

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