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The article featuring Head of Sales Aneal Sadiq, informs travel managers of what they should know about the comparative cost of Serviced Apartments/Aparthotels versus the various accommodation options available, the total cost of living while on assignment and duty of care questions.

The article covers positive trends that demonstrate why serviced apartments are a popular alternative to hotels due to the significantly enhanced value proposition they deliver both in the form of product and service. The product itself offers; three times as much space, a more comfortable home living environment and enhanced safety/security. Service differentiation extends through flexibility of booking (anything from 1 night to a year with the option to extend further), 24hr guest support and weekly housekeeping. The value of this proposition is leveraged further as there is often also a cost saving versus hotel alternatives.

Safety and security have become top priorities for travel managers and we believe serviced apartment operators have an edge over other alternatives including both traditional hotels and homestay sites. In operating dedicated Serviced Apartment schemes and Aparthotels we see great benefit in the use of; coded entry, ving card entry systems and self-check-in processes with the use of key safes. Many properties are also covered by external and communal CCTV. Unlike hotels where anyone can enter the lobby and homestay sites whose security measures at times can be questionable, only corporate residents staying in our Aparthotels have access to the building.

The product offering is continuing to evolve and Aparthotels in particular have come to the fore blurring the lines between both hotel and the traditional rental model either side of serviced. As a true hybrid it offers the benefit of an all-inclusive fully furnished and equipped apartment complimented by hotel type amenities in the form of communal guest lounge, meeting rooms and 24hr reception. House of Fisher are further leveraging this differential by establishing their place in the marketplace with more of an upscale offering with the inclusion of features such as, Sky Television, coffee machines and fibre optic internet.

There has been an increased demand for multiple occupancy apartments due to the reduced cost per head from sharing, with two and three bedroom apartments becoming more popular with corporates. In particular those which offer individual bathrooms for each guest such as two bedroom two bathroom units enabling the accommodation to work longer term whilst potentially halving cost.

We at House of Fisher deliver our clients a truly enhanced value proposition through both product and service, clearly differentiating ourselves from our competitive set through our; honest, flexible and tailored approach. We have a long term view of sustainable growth through continuous improvement and are constantly evolving to suit the needs of our clients.

Should you wish to learn more about the insights Aneal offers and our way of working please do make contact via:
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Aneal Sadiq | Head of Sales

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