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Coworking is becoming the perfect opportunity for a flexible yet professional working lifestyle, and many people are taking full advantage of these spaces. A coworking space consists of an office-style environment where you work amongst other colleagues or those in a similar profession. They, however, offer the freedom that many people desire, particularly those who usually work from home or do freelance work. There are many benefits to coworking spaces and here are just a few out of many suggesting why you should grasp the opportunity.

Coworking is becoming the perfect working lifestyle

Being around other like-minded people allows you to learn and collaborate, enhancing creativity of new ideas or the ability to effectively develop solutions for arising issues. It’s OK to talk to others and ask questions, you never know they could end up positively impacting your business! Not only this, you will avoid feeling isolated and instead establish social connections, leaving everyone happy! The beautiful thing about coworking spaces is the fact they offer structure to your working day, without controlling what breaks you take, when or the type of atmosphere you work in, whether quiet or more collaborative. You have the ability to work at your own, relaxed pace but also if you need to reach a deadline or task, the professional environment provided will give you that push and motivation to deliver.

Flexibility is a huge reason as to why people choose to use coworking spaces. Renting for short periods of time or simply for meetings? Coworking spaces allow you to do this with ease, accommodating all business needs. You don’t have to worry about financial add-ons, such as paying utility bills, office cleaning and general maintenance of an office, this is all covered.

Coworking is becoming the perfect working lifestyle

At House of Fisher our serviced apartments are the perfect place for aspiring entrepreneurs, as they are located just minutes away from the best business parks and coworking spaces in Berkshire. The proximity of our serviced apartments to coworking spaces (as listed below) means you can get back to relaxation in no time, whether you stay with us for a short or extended period of time.

Some of the nearest options to our properties –

100 Kings Road (Reading) to Work.Life Reading – 1-minute walk, to Regus Reading Green Park – 9-minute drive

City Wall House (Reading) to Work.Life Reading – 7-minute drive, to Regus Reading Green Park – 8-minute drive

Stanshawe Court (Reading) to Work.Life Reading – 6-minute drive, to Regus Reading Green Park – 9-minute drive

Central Gate (Newbury) to Regus Newbury Oxford house – 5-minute walk

Beneficial House (Bracknell) to Bracknell Enterprise & Innovation Hub – 5-minute drive, to Maxis – 2-minute drive

The Heights at Athena Court (Maidenhead) to MyWorkSpot Ltd – 4-minute drive, to Regus Maidenhead Town Centre – 4-minute drive

Spur House (Maidenhead) to MyWorkSpot Ltd – 2-minute drive, to Regus Maidenhead Town Centre – 4-minute drive

Central Point (Basingstoke) to Desklodge – 5-minute drive

Cliddesden Place (Basingstoke) to Desklodge – 9-minute drive

Central House (Camberley) to Regus Camberley Frimley Road – 8-minute drive

Equinox Place (Farnborough) to The Hub Farnborough Business Park – 5-minute drive

Solstice House (Farnborough) to The Hub Farnborough Business Park – 5-minute drive

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