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Spring brings not only the promise of new beginnings but also the opportunity to come together as a community to make a positive impact. At House of Fisher, we recently had the pleasure of participating in the Great British Spring Clean 2024, an initiative organised by the environmental charity Keep Britain Tidy and Reading Borough Council’s volunteer scheme RAYS (Reading Adopt Your Street). 

Joined by our parent company, T A Fisher, and volunteers from various departments, we embarked on a litter-picking adventure along the picturesque Kennet River in Reading. What ensued was not just a cleanup but an afternoon filled with camaraderie, laughter, and a shared commitment to our environment.

Organised for maximum environmental impact

Organised by our dedicated HOF Green Team and led by our environmental champion, Cristina, the event brought together members from Reservations, Guest Services, Housekeeping, Finance, and Management. Armed with gloves, bags, and a contagious enthusiasm, we set out on our mission to make a difference in our local community.

Having fun whilst putting in a hard effort

As we worked our way along the riverbank, the competitive spirit ignited among us, turning what could have been a mundane task into a thrilling adventure! The sun smiled down upon us, casting a warm glow on the vibrant spring scenery, which was being enhanced by the removal of spoiling from litter. Many of us marvelled at the beauty of the Kennet River, a reminder of the many hidden gems in our own backyard.

picturesque Kennet River in Reading

Celebrating Success

With bags brimming with collected litter and hearts filled with satisfaction, we crossed the finish line to celebrate the #HOFfamily’s collective achievement. Gathering at a local pub, we toasted our hard work and the sense of accomplishment that comes from giving back to our community. It was a fitting conclusion to support a local business following our support of the local community.


Looking Ahead

Our participation in the Great British Spring Clean was just the beginning of our commitment to local litter picking. We are fully committed to our environmental journey, further detailed on our dedicated sustainability page. This commitment is reflected in our recently upgraded Greengage Ecosmart +plus award. Inspired by the experience, we are eager to continue supporting local charities with our manpower and enthusiasm, embodying our belief in the power of community spirit and always giving back for the benefit of everyone.


Come together as a community

At House of Fisher, we are not just providers of serviced apartments; we are proud members of the communities we serve. The Great British Spring Clean was not only a testament to our dedication to the local and global environment but also a celebration of the bonds that unite us as colleagues, namely the #HOFfamily. 

As we reflect on our litter-picking adventure, we are reminded that together, we can create a cleaner, greener future for generations to come.

Please join us in embracing the spirit of community and environmental responsibility. Together, we can make a difference, one litter pick at a time.

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