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HOFfamily on a zoom call

House of Fisher, like many businesses, have had to adapt quickly to the changes of Lockdown. Our teams were well placed to move from the Theale Headquarter Office and the Operations office at 100 Kings Road, to working remotely thanks to our excellent ICT structure, with laptops, remote server access and mobiles (linking to our key phone numbers) readily available.

Whilst it is a change and we all miss the in-person interaction, motivation and banter, the team spirit has been fantastic and continues remotely. We have a dedicated WhatsApp group, which provides much-appreciated smiles throughout the day and the personality of our team members really shines through! This helps us to remain as upbeat and positive as possible during these challenging times.

To remain inclusive and to replicate team interaction, we invested in the Zoom Business software package. This is operated throughout the week, including our weekly Friday drinks. Here are some examples of how we are uniting through Zoom during Lockdown:

House of Fisher Zoom Meeting 1

Birthday Celebrations

Birthdays don’t stop for Lockdown! We have already enjoyed four surprise birthday celebrations and ‘sing-along’ sessions. We have even delivered cakes (we have never seen so many caterpillar cakes in our lives!) via employee parents, wives and colleagues (some of our Operations team are staying at 100 Kings Road). Whilst not a standard birthday celebration, we are making the best of the situation and demonstrating to our team members how much we care about them whenever we can.

House of Fisher Zoom Meeting 2

End of week drinks and quizzes

What started off as an initial end of week drink with the team to connect and celebrate our successes (first via Skype, but due to heavy attendance moved to Zoom), became so popular it has become a weekly occurrence! Themes each week have varied from novelty hats to full fancy dress. To add to the weekly fun we have added quizzes to the mix, which adds even more hilarity to the occasion. The end of week drink is something the entire #HOFfamily now look forward to.

Business Meetings through Zoom

We now conduct all of our business meetings with more than four people via Zoom. This new approach allows us to operate as normally as possible, keeping everyone updated with new developments and make important decisions through our leadership team during these ever-changing circumstances.

House of Fisher Say Thank You to NHS and Keyworkers

Thank you NHS and Keyworkers

During these challenging times, you are very much always in our thoughts. It is our pleasure to be able to support you with ongoing accommodation requirements. Thank you all so much, from the entire #HOFfamily, for the incredible work you are doing.

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