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As we all know, after a long, hard day there is nothing better than returning to a lovely, clean freshly made bed! Knowing this our fantastic Housekeeping Team, always go above and beyond to leave our delighted guests with an immaculate bed to return too. Amongst the team there has been a lot of talk about who makes the best bed…so we decided to turn this into a competition!

Throughout December and January the Housekeeping #HOFfamily were encouraged to submit entries of their best beds for judging, with the 1st, 2nd and 3rd placed submissions all winning prizes! The criteria was based on:

  • The overall look and presentation of the bed
  • The finish of the corners
  • Absence of wrinkles

The submissions were printed and displayed on the kitchen wall (unnamed of course to avoid any favouritism) to be admired and voted for by the rest of the team.

Whilst this started as just a bit of fun and healthy internal competition, what became apparent was the tremendous pride displayed by our entire Housekeeping Team. The images of their fine work were admired by all and truly demonstrated the commitment and effort each member of the team put into their tasks. As a company we are extremely proud of them all.

Maria's winning bed from the House of Fisher competition

Following the voting there was an overall winner, Maria T. Maria’s attention to detail, perfectly straight sheets and corner finishes were judged as the best of a fantastic bunch!

Congratulations to Maria and all of the Housekeeping Team for your total commitment and efforts every day…our guests love it and can’t wait to get back to their immaculately prepared beds!

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