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Merry Hof-mas 2021

The #HOFfamily would like to wish you a Merry HOF-mas (sorry we couldn’t resist!) and a Happy New Year!

We are concluding 2021 full of hope following many challenges, especially at the start of this year.

Thanks to the valiant efforts of key workers, NHS, scientists and many more, we are concluding 2021 so much stronger than 2020, whilst never forgetting the impact that COVID-19 has caused and continues to cause for so many of us worldwide.

We have seen the return of international travel and welcome guests and friends from around the world who are visiting for business projects and pleasure in the Thames Valley.

In 2021, our commitment to service was rewarded by the top rankings reflected across feedback websites from our guests. A good example is our flagship 100 Kings Road Aparthotel, which was ranked as 2nd out of 55 speciality lodgings in Reading. 

We also set up our dedicated ‘relocations team’ to assist with Hong Kong residents, relocating to the UK.

As we conclude 2021, we want to once again thank our wonderful team, who have gone above and beyond once again to ensure the safety of our guests and that they receive the ultimate stay.

Have a Merry HOF-mas with your loved ones and we wish you a Happy 2022!

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