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At House of Fisher we have invested time and resource into creating a pleasurable and motivational work environment for our team. We are strong believers in the ‘fit body, fit mind’ philosophy and encourage all to lead a healthy lifestyle. Our new offices have an abundance of cooking facilities, secure bicycle storage for our employees who choose not to drive into work together with a shower area on the premises. In February we took this further, creating the hugely popular #HOFlovesyou campaign, involving staff, guests, agents and suppliers. As well as raising over £400 for the British Heart Foundation it has left a lasting impression on the #HOFfamily.

The House of Fisher team have created a ‘Fitbit’ group made up of employees. Each week there is ‘workweek hustle’ and ‘weekend warrior’ challenge! With several employees involved, there is healthy competition throughout the team and departments. The fun and encouragement continues throughout evenings and weekends creating a close bond between the #HOFfamily. With goals set encouraging messages are shared that motivate all members to take extra steps and exercise further.

Employees who do not possess ‘Fitbits’ benefit from the added encouragement and buzz within the office. With the fitness mentality created from the #HOFlovesyou legacy, many employees go for regular brisk walks or runs during lunchtimes with many beautiful routes on our doorstep in the village of Theale, Reading. This time to reflect and gain fresh air makes for a happier and far more productive environment.

Unlike some less progressive companies, House of Fisher management encourage employees to take regular screen breaks, eat lunch away from their desks and fully utilise their lunch break. As a result the House of Fisher kitchen, break out areas and a terrace with picnic benches for sunny days are often buzzing with activity at lunchtimes.

House of Fisher has a buzzing kitchen at lunchtimes

Our Managing Director, Trine Oestergaard participates in the House of Fisher ‘Fitbit’ group and helps drive this culture amongst the team. She says “creating a challenging but pleasurable and enjoyable workplace is crucial to me and the ethos of House of Fisher. We have built a fantastic team that are the core of this company and our culture is unique and renowned throughout our industry. I passionately believe everyone should strike a balance between business, pleasure and exercise, along with a healthy lifestyle playing a huge part in this and peoples happiness. Since our #HOFlovesyou campaign in February a lasting culture has remained and the House of Fisher Fitbit group is fantastic fun, pushes us to go further and at times very funny!”

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