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At House of Fisher we are constantly striving for improvements and to provide our customers with the best experience during their stay. To greet our new guests, we provide a complimentary welcome amenities pack. However, rather than be complacent, we decided to review this over the summer, seeing if any changes could be made to improve our offering.

As a customer focused company, we asked all our guests during a period of two months via a customised survey to truly understand how they found the current provisions and gain their valuable opinions. We were delighted with the feedback, receiving an average rating of 4.1 out of 5 for the current welcome pack from grateful guests.

The feedback has proved very informative, with our guests preferring breakfast and snack items over dinner items. We also found most of our guests prefer to ‘eat in’ rather than ‘eat out’ during their stay, utilising the fantastic kitchen and cooking facilities that are offered in all our serviced apartments. This is another benefit of staying at a serviced apartment rather than a hotel, with full cooking facilities, dining tables and at least 30% additional space, giving a true ‘home from home’ experience.

Take a walk through of our three bedroom Serviced Apartments at 100 Kings Road, Reading below:

Interestingly like the #HOFfamily our guests are also very health conscious. Highlighting this topic in 2017, we have already experienced great success during our ‘#HOFLovesYou campaign’ that included the provision of complimentary fresh fruit for guests throughout February and regular exercise from our ongoing ‘Fit Body, Fit Mind’ campaign. In our survey, our guests expressed an interest in healthy items, so we have incorporated a healthier snack choice. We also asked how we could improve the drinks option and by popular demand, we will introduce two types of water as a result, Mineral & Sparkling.

We would like to thank our guests for taking the time to provide their valuable feedback, allowing us to implement and improve our welcome amenities pack.

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