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How much does renting an apartment cost in Reading, Berkshire?

In Reading, Berkshire, apartment rentals are a popular way of living. The flexibility of renting suits many circumstances, such as relocating for a job, change in personal circumstances or arriving from abroad. Whether renting is a temporary or permanent solution, most contracts are offered on a 12 months fixed basis, with a break clause after 6 months, which does not meet the requirements of many in the rental market. 

In Reading, UK, the average rental is £1,237 per month according to, however the costs do not end there…

What additional costs are there when renting in the UK?

There are many additional monthly costs often overlooked when renting privately in the UK. 

Electricity, water, gas and council tax total an average of £340 per month for a one bedroom apartment in Reading, Berkshire.  

An initial deposit is another significant outlay required up front, usually to the value of 6-weeks, on top of the first month rent! This adds an average deposit of £1,855.50, on top of the £1,237 per month!

Is standard rental accommodation flexible?

Yes and No! Standard rented accommodation involves a 12 months fixed contract, with a break clause after 6 months, contractual notice period and renewals at a cost. With high deposits and commitments of 12 to 24 month contracts for some bills, renting is nowhere near as flexible as many hope.

Is there a flexible, all inclusive rental option in Reading?

As of 2021, yes there is! House of Fisher launched hof Living as an alternative, refreshing way to rent. The deposit is £500 rather than 6-weeks rent, which can be around £2,000 on a two bedroom apartment in Reading, Berkshire. Hof Living offers fully flexible lease terms starting from just one month, without the need to commit further.

Is hof Living available outside of Reading, Berkshire?

Yes, hof Living has a large selection of readily available studio, 1-bed, 2-bed and 3-bedroom apartments across the Thames Valley in Reading, Newbury, Maidenhead, Bracknell, Basingstoke, Farnborough and Camberley.

How do I get a price for flexible, all inclusive apartment rentals?

Call our friendly hof Living team on 01189 514151 or complete our online enquiry form and we will provide a competitive, all inclusive rental price requiring just one months commitment.

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