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The #HOFfamily took part in our annual Easter Egg Hunt, one at our Head Office in Theale on 10th April and one at our flagship 100 Kings Road, Reading aparthotel on 17th April 2019.

House of Fisher’s Annual Easter Egg Hunt!

Theale, Head Office

Things turned competitively extremely quickly, with 100 small eggs to be found that were strategically hidden throughout the office! All players were given small cups to collect the eggs, with the highest two collectors winning desirable, large chocolate Easter Eggs!

House of Fisher’s Annual Easter Egg Hunt!

Once the 100 eggs were hidden, the #HOFfamily were released from the boardroom to start the search! It’s safe to say the office didn’t look the same by the time they were finished…with drawers being opened and emptied, chairs being lifted and desks being cleared! Everyone had great fun taking part in this ‘eggcellent’ activity.

A final count took place, resulting in:

1st place – Duncan Mayers (Finance Director) with 19 eggs

2nd place – Stephanie Curivan (Reservations Executive) with 15 eggs

House of Fisher’s Annual Easter Egg Hunt!

Well done to everyone at the Theale office for getting involved and to Edd who helped organise this fantastically fun Easter Egg Hunt!

100 Kings Road, Reading

Over at 100 Kings Road, there were even more small eggs to search for…with 160 hidden!

House of Fisher’s Annual Easter Egg Hunt!

Once all the eggs were found, the hunt concluded and all the cups were emptied. The results were in…

Joint 1st place! – Fabio and Laurentiu both collecting 17 eggs each

House of Fisher’s Annual Easter Egg Hunt!

Like a true member of the #HOFfamily, Fabio kindly passed on the biggest trophy to Laurentiu!

The #HOFfamily are already looking forward to 2020 to see if they can beat this year’s collection of Easter Eggs and of course, enjoyed eating each and every one of their finds! The #HOFfamily wish you eggcellent Easter Holidays…

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