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house of fisher post lockdown

House of Fisher is pleased to welcome back all of our office staff on the 6th July, post lockdown after 3 ½ months of remote working and in line with the easing of restrictions from the government.

The safety and wellbeing of our staff is still our number one priority and much consideration and planning has taken place over the past few weeks in order to best protect their welfare. For the initial office return we have assigned a rota system to allow staff to social distance within the office and continue working remotely during the other days.

It was vital that we have been able to give our wonderful staff the reassurance of returning to a safe working environment. In preparation we have undertaken full risk assessments of the office and entire Theale Court building, implementing new cleaning standards, sanitation stations, signage and contactless entry systems.

house of fisher post lockdown

To welcome and celebrate the return of the #HOFfamily, everyone will be greeted with ‘welcome back goodie bags’ containing a few COVID-19 items (wipes, gel, etc), some fun items and importantly a few sweet treats!

During lockdown, House of Fisher has been fully functional, operating 24 hours a day to support the needs of our guests. We provided support during the pandemic, offering heavily discounted accommodation for NHS workers and accommodation to key & essential workers. Thankfully as of the 4th of July and in line with the government guidelines, we are now able to offer accommodation to ALL guests, whilst delivering on our ‘stay with confidence’ promise and very much look forward to the reopening of our HQ office.

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