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House of Fisher team manage to escape the zombie apocalypse

On Friday 22nd January, some of the #HOFfamily participated in a Zoom ‘Escape Room’ experience, hosted by our outsourced marketing agency, Fruitful Moxie Marketing.

What is an Escape Room?

An Escape Room is an adventure game usually created around a theme, whereby you must escape from a room within 60 minutes. To escape, participants are required to find hidden clues and solve puzzles that will lead to them finding the key/combination to escape. These have become very popular for friends and corporate team building. Due to COVID-19, many Escape Rooms have been adapted to make online versions that can be played safely via Zoom, or other online platforms.

Zoom Meetings at House of Fisher throughout Lockdowns

Throughout the UK lockdowns, House of Fisher has used Zoom regularly as a way for the #HOFfamily to keep in touch with each other. We are known for our social activity, so these have proved incredibly valuable for maintaining social interaction, morale, banter and smiles! Read our Zoom Meetings are uniting the #HOFfamily during the lockdown article from 2020 to see how we quickly adapted, and for pictures from some of our ‘themed’ meetings!

12 Rooms, only 60 minutes to escape!

Our Zoom Escape Room was ‘Escape Room Z’! There were 12 rooms, with 12 puzzles to solve in order to escape deadly viruses (sound familiar?) and zombies. The pressure was on, with just five minutes per room to complete the challenge. The #HOFfamily, supported by two of the Fruitful Moxie Marketing team did fantastically well, completing all of the challenges within an impressive 45 minutes! As we exited the twelfth and final Escape Room, we were free to step into the outside world and were rescued by a helicopter… virtually of course!

A Successful Escape!

As you can see the #HOFfamily were delighted to complete the challenge, with 15 minutes to spare! It was an excellent way to finish the week and demonstrated once again how we adapt, whilst keeping team spirit at the highest possible levels.

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