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During these unprecedented times, we are encouraged to stay in wherever possible, presenting a range of challenges in relation to home working, childcare, exercise and eating amongst many others! Fortunately, there is a wealth of advice and articles available and we have created this article to share some of our favourite tips.

Working from home

Working from home

Many of us are embracing working from home, the shorter commute, reduced environmental impact and technologies available allowing for video meetings via Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Team, GoToMeeting, Google Meet and many of the other providers. These facilities enabling a visual connection to colleagues is helping those missing the office environment and adapting accordingly. The BBC shared a helpful article entitled five ways to work well from home, which we have found useful and many of us within the #HOFfamily have applied.

Entertaining the Children

Entertaining the children

A big challenge during the lockdown for families is entertaining the children. Without the options of sports camps and group activities, families are required to be more resourceful than ever before, especially with the Easter holidays upon us. We found this article 15 fun easter crafts to keep the kids busy during lockdown provides an abundance of time consuming and low-cost craft activities to keep the children entertained indoors whilst learning new skills!

How about the annual easter egg competition? Well, fortunately, Country Living has created a guide on how to create a virtual easter egg hunt so your family can carry on the fun tradition this year and still involve the family remotely in this wonderful activity.

To ensure children are getting regular exercise a daily Joe Wicks PE lesson lasting around 30 minutes is also available and fun for all of the family!

Home Exercise

Home Exercise

We are big believers in ‘fit body, fit mind’ and many articles support this thinking, especially with the current restrictions. There are an abundance of options available, using smart TVs, tablet or mobile devices accessing YouTube videos where there are thousands of workout, stretch, yoga, pilates, ab attacks, cardio and many more workout sessions to choose from! The NHS website provides gym-free workouts and fitness studio exercise videos completely free of charge.

Home Cooking


With restaurants and pubs shut, home cooking has become more desirable and important than ever before. Searching online there is a vast number of options catering for all tastes and requirements including vegan, vegetarian, dairy or gluten free and many more. A particular favourite for the #HOFfamily is BBC goodfood where visitors can find thousands of inspirational recipes to cover every taste. Popular British chef Jamie Oliver has also launched a timely series entitled ‘Jamie: Keep Cooking and Carry On’ in response to COVID-19.

Home from Home

We hope you have found this article interesting and informative. Guests meeting the current government criteria are able to stay with us at House of Fisher, and are able to apply the recommendations provided in this article. Unlike hotel alternatives, staying within a regulated serviced apartment provides significantly more space, full kitchen and cooking facilities and so much more.

During these challenging times, let’s remember to keep positive, look for opportunities to help others and our communities and importantly to keep safe. House of Fisher would once again like to thank and show our appreciation to the NHS, all key workers and the hundreds of thousands of volunteers, saving lives and keeping us as safe as possible.

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