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7 things you must do during a staycation in Maidenhead, Berkshire

Maidenhead is home to our luxurious aparthotel located at Athena Court, Maidenhead (rated 4.4/5 on Google Reviews), this aparthotel features 2-bed serviced apartments. These apartments contain their own stunning balconies and Sky TV to keep you entertained during your stay.  Located a 5-minute walk away from the Nicholson Shopping Centre, you are within walking distance from anything that you need.  Car parking is available with your booking (subject to availability & cost) or the train station is only an 8-minute walk away.  When staying at House of Fisher in Maidenhead, here are seven things we recommend you must do:

Explore the grounds at Windsor Castle

1. Explore the grounds at  Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle is home to our British Royal family and stretches over 52,609 square meters of outstanding Berkshire countryside.  Windsor Castle was constructed in 1070, it embodies 1,000 years of architectural history.  Once you have taken in the beautiful grounds Windsor Castle offers, a plethora of exhibitions, courses, lectures, activities, and private tours are available.  These activities can range from tours of the gallery, to immersing yourself in some of the wonderful masterpieces created by our most famous artists, to a summer garden party where you can grab a nature sketchbook and walk around the gardens to help you experience the sights, sounds and smells of the Royal garden.

There is no visitor parking at Windsor Castle so we would recommend using a public car park in the town center. With Windsor Castle only being a 20-minute drive from our aparthotel in Athena Court, it is definitely worth the trip for an amazing day out.

Take a stroll around Boulters Lock

2. Take a stroll around Boulters Lock

Built-in 1772, this lock and weir on the River Thames was a staple point in which thousands of people flocked to the river to mess about and watch the wealthier classes indulge themselves. Boulters Lock is a popular kayaking site with a fixed ramp installed each summer making it accessible to use a canoe or a kayak. Edward John Gregory, a famous British painter, was known for his best piece of work being of the Boulters Lock which can be found at the Lady Lever Art Gallery and is known as “Boulter’s Lock, Sunday Afternoon”.

If you get a bit peckish, we would recommend the Boathouse Boulters Lock, pub, and restaurant.  It is located between the Boulters Lock and Taplow Bridge along the River Thames and they serve some scrumptious food.  We would definitely recommend their Merrifield duck breast served with Delmonico potatoes.

As for parking, there is a car park at Boulters Lock with prices being as little as £1 for 1 hour all the way up to £5 for over 5 hours.  Boulters Lock is only a 5-minute drive away from our aparthotel in Athena Court, making it a lovely day with very little to travel. 

Build some great memories at Legoland Windsor

3. Build some great memories at Legoland Windsor

We believe at some point in our lifespans we have all enjoyed Lego.  If you would like to relive those memories, or your kids really enjoy Lego, then Legoland Windsor is the place for you. Watch out, you may get wet at Legoland Hydra’s Challenge, an interactive water ride with astonishing twists and turns. This ride consists of themed jet-boats but be warned, anyone watching from the side can use the interactive water cannons to make things a little more thrilling.  Undoubtedly one of Legoland’s best attractions would be their LEGO City Driving School. If you would like to give your kids a taste of what driving is like, while keeping it exciting and safe, then take them down to the driving school where they get to watch a road safety video and then take their electric Lego vehicles out of a spin.  In the end, they will earn their own LEGOLAND driving license.

As for dining, Legoland is full of options from Fish & Chip shops to a Pirate’s Burger Kitchen. If you would prefer something to grab & go then options like Costa Coffee and Ben & Jerry’s Ice cream can help you get that little extra boost.

After an adventurous day at Legoland, you can go back and relax in of our service apartments in Maidenhead. Don’t worry about parking as there are day passes or by-the-hour parking located by the entrance of Legoland.  Legoland Windsor is only a 20-minute drive from our aparthotel in Athena Court, with so much to do it would definitely be worth the trip.

Grab your popcorn and watch a film at ODEON Luxe

4. Grab your popcorn and watch a film at ODEON Luxe 

Take a trip down to the ODEON cinema in Maidenhead to see some of the latest movies. Whether you are watching on your own or with a family, there’s a movie that will suit you. Indulge yourself in their iSense screen experience with floor-to-ceiling screens so wherever you sit you will get the perfect view.  Industry-leading Dolby Atmos speakers, powerful enough to give you sound from every direction, will make you feel as immersed as possible. Enjoy sensational images with their state-of-the-art 4K projectors which make the films come to life with the most precise detail.  As we all know, we all enjoy a nice, tasty snack during the movie.  Well, ODEON has you covered with good value combos, including popcorn, nachos, hotdogs, fizzy drinks, and, everyone’s favorite, the tango ice blast in cherry, raspberry, or a mix of both. 

No need to take your car with you as ODEON Luxe is only a 10-minute walk away from our aparthotel in Athena Court.  So, after your movie, why not take a stroll and go grab dinner from a local restaurant?  We would recommend Miyazaki, a Japanese restaurant that serves some of the best sushi we have had in a long time.

Take to the races at Absolutely Karting

5. Take to the races at Absolutely Karting 

F1 fan or just enjoy the thrill of turning fast round corners?  Then put your helmets on because you are going go-karting at Absolutely Karting Maidenhead.  This go-karting course hosts an awesome double-level track which is both challenging and safe, but don’t be intimidated as it is designed for both beginners and pros. The Maidenhead Go Karts are no joke either, as their Sodi SR-5 karts feature 270cc Honda engines.  For you non-car enthusiasts, the go-karts are very fast.  Some features in the go-karts include adjustable pedals for comfort, a new integral floor covering for superior safety, and an adjustable seat for an optimal driving position. 

The first UK Glow Karting experience is here at Absolutely Karting Maidenhead, which boasts state-of-the-art lighting technology to deliver a new take on traditional go-karting.  The track is kitted with a UV light system as well as UV Go Karts and fluorescent helmets. Along with this, the track has boost pads and old-school dance tunes to keep the adrenaline pumping throughout the race.

Parking is free for all customers which is a massive plus, however, with it being only a 7-minute walk from our aparthotel in Athena Court, parking won’t be necessary.

Take in the culture at Mamaloo's South African Shop

6. Take in the culture at Mamaloo’s South African Shop

This South African gift shop sells some of the most wonderful South African treats at amazing prices.  Part of the biggest importer of South African food in the UK, you can rest assured that Mamaloo’s has something for you.  Established in 2003, they have 2 shops across London and an onsite butchery at their Colnbrook branch.  Their main aim is to please the customer and go the extra mile, whilst striving for excellence and perfection. Stocking everything from groceries to memorabilia, do make sure to check out the butcher’s section where they sell, what we believe to be, the best biltong out there.  We would definitely recommend their Biltong Turbo Chilli with mouth-watering flavors, and to wash it down, pick up some Rooibos tea, which is Afrikaans for “red bush”, with the flavor being naturally sweet and slightly nutty. 

Make sure to bring plenty of bags as it’s only a 6-minute walk from our aparthotel in Athena Court, so you can take loads of South African goodies back home with you.

Meet the animals at BCA Zoo

7. Meet the animals at BCA Zoo

Made up of a beautiful 400 acres of land, this zoo was historically known as a training ground for students enrolled in various animal management courses.  In August 2015, the BCA Animal Management Centre was awarded its first-ever zoo license and is now home to over 100 species of animals.  Some of these animals are at risk in the wild so at BCA Zoo they make sure they are kept safe and well looked after.  With animals ranging from a Cape Porcupine to a Madagascan Hissing Cockroach, you will get to experience and learn about a wide variety of animals.  While you are there, why not try out one of the many encounters which the zoo has to offer?  We would recommend trying the meerkat encounter where you get to become their new lookout post.  Throughout the encounter, you will be taken into the meerkat enclosure where you will meet the friendly meerkats and their roommate, Denzil, the friendly porcupine.

The BCA Zoo sponsors some amazing projects that are helping save endangered animals. One that they support is The European Endangered Species Program which aims at conserving healthy populations of animals in captivity while safeguarding their health.

Parking is free at the BCA Zoo so you don’t need to worry about breaking the bank to enjoy a day at the zoo. Also, only a 14-minute drive from our aparthotel in Athena Court, it is definitely worth the short journey for an educational and fun-packed day.

Where to stay in Maidenhead?

We recommend our luxurious aparthotel located at Athena Court, Maidenhead, this aparthotel features 2-bed serviced apartments. These apartments contain their own stunning balconies and Sky TV to keep you entertained during your stay.  Located a 5-minute walk away from the Nicholson Shopping Centre, making you within walking distance of anything that you need.  Car parking is available via booking with the train station only being an 8-minute walk away.

When booking your Staycation with House of Fisher, we always encourage you to book directly through our website and advanced booking engine or by calling our Reservations team on 01189 514151.  Click here to read the wealth of benefits from doing this and remember booking directly with House of Fisher is the only way to guarantee you will pay the lowest price.

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